You are Light
You are Light uncreated, eternal, unchanging
You are Light pure and blazing, holy, awful;
You are Light gently searching, touching, healing.
Warm Light, easing cold and ache in us,
Cool Light, bidding fever cease in us;
Till with chill and pain of loneliness gone,
With fever of sin and anger stilled,
We may turn to You like flowers in sunlight,
Drawn to you like tides by moonlight,
Bathed in Your Light,
Dumb in Your Light
Like creatures stunned by the light of the noon sun,
Overwhelmed, worshipping, flung to our knees
By the wonder, the beauty, the glory of You
Who are Light unapproachable, incomprehensible,
You Who are Light,
Purely Light.

Published by afaithbasedfantasytrilogy

I'm first and foremost a Christian. I'm also a widow, mother of 5, grandmother of 9, and a retired school librarian.

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